About Market Logic

Marketing StrategyEstablished in Australia in 1996, Market Logic has worked with an extensive range of businesses in Australia, Europe and Asia, developing and implementing market positioning initiatives in both public and private sectors, for profit and non-profit businesses. Today, Market Logic is regarded as a valued contractor who delivers.

Our emphasis in working with businesses is as much on actually implementing preferred positioning initiatives as it is on creating and planning them. We find that it is of additional comfort to businesses that we not only engage with them on developing blueprints for success but that we also have a role in the process of ensuring these blueprints deliver. We work with businesses at all stages of initiative creation, planning and implementation: we consequently have a very visible and active role throughout the entire positioning process.

The Principal of Market Logic, Brian Maxwell, has extensive business development and advisory experience, both in-house and as an external consultant and contractor and in his role at Market Logic has worked with an impressive list of clients including:

  • working with businesses and implementing positioning initiativesABN AMRO, New South Wales
  • Allders Duty Free, UK
  • Brisbane Airports Corporation, Queensland
  • British Airports Authority, UK
  • Macquarie Bank, New South Wales
  • Ansett Airlines, Victoria
  • Nuance Global Traders, Switzerland
  • Schipol Airport, Netherlands.
  • Lagerlow Group of Companies, New South Wales
  • Downtown Duty Free, New South Wales
  • Naracoorte Council, South Australia
  • Commonwealth Bank Investments, New South Wales
  • Multiscreen Channel, South Australia
  • Airport Fine Foods
  • Sydney Airport, New South Wales
Market Logic helps you find the missing pieces

The Path to Excellence

Stakeholder relationships, whether with staff, investors, suppliers, customers, or even competitors, are a business's key asset.

Stakeholders are critical to any business and the challenge is to continually add value to relationships with them.

By developing and sustaining a culture of excellence for your stakeholders, an organisation gains loyalty, commitment and satisfaction, and creates a range of distinctive capabilities resulting in an overall competitive advantage.