Market Logic Review, Planning and Implementation The positioning exercise that Market Logic undertakes with businesses comprises Review, Planning and Implementation phases and usually involves the following steps:

  • An audit of where the business presently stands relative to the achievement of specific objectives and timeframes that had been set for it
  • Identification of the reasons for any underachievements
  • Assessment of the breakdown in roles, responsibilities and accountabilities within the business that may have contributed to any underachievements
  • An articulation by senior management of the main goals for the future, particularly the next 12 months
  • A critique of the main goals relative to previous results and in light of current manpower, skill, financial and related resources
  • identification of key stakeholders, the number of which will vary from business to business but will at least include
    • Staff
    • Suppliers
    • Customers
    • Competitors (yes, competitors!)
  • Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the relationships that have been forged with key stakeholders
  • Identification of new positioning initiatives that can be applied to specific groups or individuals, to strengthen relationships
  • Formulation of a positioning plan for the business, taking into account the intelligence gathered from the review process
  • Development of a timeframe for implementation of specific components of the positioning plan
  • Implementation of the positioning plan

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