Market Logic Services

Market Logic is qualified to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services related to its business review, development and positioning expertise and these include:

  • Market Logic provides a helping hand in businessBusiness performance reviews
  • Business strategy audits
  • Preparation of strategic plans
  • Preparation of positioning plans
  • Preparation of business and marketing plans
  • Ad hoc business management advice
  • Specialised bid and tender preparations
  • Interim management projects
  • Export planning and project management
  • Business management training
  • Negotiations
  • Mediations

The initial consultation

Putting the pieces together

Market Logic will meet you and your team at your premises for an initial meeting to discuss any issues and discuss a scope for change. We believe the right ‘fit’ is important if we are to enter into any business contract and an initial meeting should provide some indications, one way or the other. This preliminary meeting is at no cost and without obligation.

Contact Market Logic to arrange an initial consultation.

Fee Structures

Services are charged at negotiated rates and can be daily or project based.
Fee arrangements based on a mix of retainer and agreed parameters of success will also be considered in appropriate situations.

Contact Market Logic to discuss your business needs and our solutions.

Market Logic helps you find the missing pieces

Achieving Excellence

  • Is the prerogative of every business
    • and achievable by every business
  • Does not happen without planning, leadership and commitment
  • Is neither difficult nor complex
  • Requires good data and analysis
  • Requires rigorous self assessmen
  • Is very much a people based process
  • Is sustainable by simply committing to a culture of excellence